Letter to the Editor (3/20/17 Home News)

Dear Editor:

My “NO” vote for the referendum was NOT to close two schools. My “NO” vote was AGAINST the $9,000,000 referendum that asked for an extreme amount of money to keep these schools open. Let us not forget the $1,200,000 from a recurring referendum in recent years that has no sunset.

This is information provided by the River Valley Schools administration and school board.* The district is carrying forward a projected $295,859 deficit for FY 2016. The years for which the district is asking for a $9,000,000 referendum (**FY 2017 – FY 2021),  the projected net deficit is only $12,120.

  • FY 2016 ($295,859) deficit
  • FY 2017 ($25,065)    deficit
  • FY 2018 $31,262      SURPLUS
  • FY 2019 $  6,024      SURPLUS
  • FY 2020 ($16,621)   deficit
  • FY 2021 ($  7,709)   deficit

The effect of this is a net deficit for FY 2021 of $307,979 taking into account the FY 2016 deficit and the proposed budgets through FY 2021. The Fund Balance can effectively cover that net deficit, and we would still have a healthy fund balance. At this rate, we could operate for many more years before depleting the fund balance below a healthy level, giving time to explore and initiate program adjustments that will best benefit students in the entire River Valley School District.

*Calculations from Forecast5 Analytics – River Valley School District – Fund 10 General Fund – Projection Summary – Revenue & Expenditure Projection for FY2017 – FY 2021 and Budget year 2016.

** FY is Fiscal Year



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