Proposal – River Valley Vocational and Technical Education Center


Revise the vision and rebrand the River Valley School District

Create a vocational/technical education center in the middle school facility

River Valley has the resources to become a vocational/technical education center for the area – and to make this a ‘district of choice’ for students of the surrounding area. This can counter the effects of declining enrollment in the district and attract home school students wishing to pursue vocational skills. It can help meet the needs of students who ‘slip through the cracks’ so they can be productive members of the community.

  • Shift technical education programs/classes from the high school facility to the middle school facility as part of the larger plan
  • General education classes and college track academic classes housed in the high school building.
  • Dedicate one wing in the high school to middle school level classes.
  • Develop partnerships with businesses, technical schools, and colleges where students can earn credits toward a technical degree and/or become certified in a skill/occupation.
  • Schools are a vital component of small communities. Not only do they serve educational needs, they are often the social and recreational hubs of those communities. Maintain each of the elementary school buildings in the communities – this could involve creative class structures.
  • Resource center for home school and virtual school students

Ideas for the technical education center:

  • Basic customer service skills (retail, food service, office administration – nearly everyone will have a job that utilizes these skills at some point in their life, these are the types of jobs where most young people get their start)
  • Aeronautics – airplane repair, maintenance (we have an airport nearby)
  • Auto mechanics, diesel mechanics, auto body repair
  • Small engine repair
  • Partner with UW-Stevens Point natural resources program and utilize the school forest
  • Healthcare: CNA, EMT, public safety
  • Agriculture ‘short courses’ (horticulture, organic, Farm to Table, etc.)
  • Welding
  • Masonry
  • Construction skills
  • Heavy equipment operation and safety


“Reskilling America-Learning to Labor in the Twenty-First Century” (Newman and Winston)

“The Industries of the Future” (Alec Ross)


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