Letter to the Editor (4-22-17) – Aeronautics and River Valley Schools

Dear Editor ( Home News):

I’ve talked with several people in the community about the potential for an aeronautics related class. This, or something similar could cover a multitude of experiences and knowledge used now in everyday jobs and careers. Looking to the near future, Zunum Aero, Boeing HorizonX, and JetBlue Technology Ventures have already left the starting line for developing a small 10-50 passenger electric aircraft to ferry passengers from local communities and smaller airports to larger national and international terminals. Today these terminals are overcrowded and congested for parking and getting from parking to terminal boarding stations (USA Today, April 10, 2017). We need to be on the leading edge of this and similar opportunities. We should not in 20 – 50 years or even 10 years from today be trying to play catch-up.

We have in place in the River Valley School District a very good foundation, resources, and the potential for enhanced vocational training for current jobs and the jobs of the futures. We need to tap in to the expertise of our qualified personnel and provide them with the tools and skills to manage such programs. We have a good elementary school system in place. Leave it in place. Bring students through 7th grade back to the current village locations. Place 8th and 9th grades in the current high school building. Take the time needed to successfully convert the middle school into an enhanced vocational/technical training center and develop programs to generate interest and equip students with the skills needed for their future.


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