Summer is for Reunions – Save this Date: August 5, 2017 (Vickie’s post)

Family reunions were a regular part of our summer plans for many years, whether it was the Kaldenberg side or the Schweppe side. They are a great way to stay connected across the generations.  Some of the reunions were big productions and if did not matter if you were first generation connection or connected by great-great grandfathers, you were all connected. We have not had a reunion on either side in some time, so this is the summer to change that. Dad (Herman) has decided it is time – and because both sides of our family have strong connections, it will be a Kaldenberg-Schweppe reunion. Save this date: AUGUST 2, 2017.  We are holding this reunion at the Mid-Continent Railway Museum. They have a nice pavilion and picnic area and plenty of parking. They are also giving up a great rate on the train ride that day. Whether you’ve taken the train to Larue or not, it is always an exciting and memorable trip. Aunt Fran always brought the ice cream, so we will have ice cream in her honor.

We hope you are able to come. Bring photos and stories. If you have a favorite dish to share, we will welcome it, however it is NOT required that you bring one. For those coming from a distance, transporting food can be a challenge. We will provide meat, plates, silverware, napkins, and drinks. We will be sharing information on  lodging and activities in the area to help you plan.

Don’t forget –

Save this date –

August 5. 2017

Mid-Continent Railway Museum, North Freedom.

Call me if y


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